Wastewater Treatment-Emission guideline

Wastewater Treatment-Emission guideline

Legal requirements for Effluent quality

The National Environmental Quality Emissions Guideline (2015) determines general threshold values for effluents from the food processing and beverage sectors as well as specific thresholds for select subsectors:

Businesses in the F&B sector are required to comply with these threshold values.

To learn more about how the current emissions of your enterprise and options to become compliant, please contact the MFPEA helpdesk at: 09 263213270, mfpea.office@gmail.com

The lists of general threshold values of effluent quality for food processing and beverages are here,

Effluent level of Food Processing

Effluent level of Dairy Processing

 Effluent level of Vegetable Oil Production and Processing

For all emission thresholds applicable to the F&B industry, please see: