What Next-Way Forward

What Next-Way Forward

6.6 List of Best Practices

The company/ facility should have a dedicated noise quality professionals (part/full time) who can work to minimize the impact of noise pollution on workers. The best practices that can be followed in the enterprise are:

Having Management Commitment

Management commitment is essential for continuous and long-term efforts.

Spreading and speeding up technology transfer

It is essential to be well informed about the latest technologies and to implement them wherever possible for minimizing the effect of noise pollution on environment and health. Also, make others informed about the same for spreading awareness.

Behavioural Change

Attitude is important when you are trying to bring a necessary change. Working in a team with staff become easier by understanding their attitude and then implementing solutions. To reduce the impact of noise pollution, workers should wear hear protection devices so as to reduce their exposure to noise pollution.

6.7 Emerging Technologies

The enterprises should take into account the ‘noise level’ of an equipment or machine during its purchase in order to minimize noise levels in the facility.

Furthermore, some of the advanced noise control options as identified from literature are mentioned below:

  • Multilayer barriers & absorbers
  • Very thin absorbents
  • Hybrid metamaterials
  • 3D printing of acoustical materials
  • Multi-functional acoustic materials
  • Custom manufacturing of noise control materials